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The World's First Smart Breathing Trainer

Improve your physical performance, general wellbeing and boost recovery with 5-10 minutes of breath training a day.

Unlock your energy reserve

Increase your lung capacity, reduce breathing rate and preserve energy.

Only 5-10 minutes a day

Breathing training is effective and can be fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Easy training from home

Airofit is used separately from physical activity, so you can train from your couch.

Decrease your stress levels

Unwind and improve your relaxation and through guided meditative breathing.

1. Airofit Breathing Trainer

Airofit provides adjustable airflow resistance to your breathing muscles, making them faster, stronger and more efficient. Airofit measures your lung function and sends data directly to the Mobile App.

2. Virtual Breathing Coach

Simple to use training modules designed by respiratory thought leaders guide you through proven training programs while the the Airofit Mobile app gives you live feedback and guidance, ensuring all training is done correctly. Your training data is saved allowing you to follow your progress over time.

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